Envelopments is here to make you look good on paper. Whether you are a retail customer looking for an invitation/annoucement or a professional in the business of creating for yourself or for clients, we have the resources to get it done.

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Order items à la carte or all the components for an entire ensemble. Bring your projects to life with Envelopments’ print and assembly services or do it yourself.

Build Your Product

There are two ways to build your product:
Shop Colors (then specify your Product)
Shop Products (then specify your Color)

Personalize Your Design

There are two ways to personalize your design:
Shop Occasions (using semi-custom templates)
Shop Configurations (using custom templates)

Mix & Match Products

If you’re new to Envelopments, welcome! We’re so thrilled that you’ve decided to utilize our offerings of Paper and Print. We wanted to share with you how our mix and match collection works in order to design custom communiques.

Size Groups

Envelopments offers a variety of Size Groups, most of which start with the envelope size. Products within each Size Group are designed to work with other products in the same Size Group.

Item Groups

Item Groups help to identify related products with a Size Group. They start with the Envelope and graduate smaller in size with each Pocket Enclosure, Scored Stock and Layered Card.