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Pocket Enclosures

Pocket enclosures are designed to keep components neatly organized for a distinctive out-of-the-envelope experience. They are offered in four categories including Pocket Folds, Pocket Cards, Pocket Envelopes and Portable Pockets. Each category is available in a variety of flap and pocket designs including Signature, Signature Side, Bracket, Classic and Booklet. Find the perfect pocket enclosure to convey your message.

Scored Stocks

Scored stocks are designed with strategically placed score lines to create dimensional projects. They are offered in five categories including Envelofolds, Z-Folds, Twist Cards, Gate Cards and Folded Cards. Each category is available in a variety of flap designs including Signature, Lotus, Bracket and Classic. Find the perfect scored stock to convey your message.

Layered Cards

Layered cards are designed to fit directly into our Envelopes or layered into pocket enclosures, scored stocks and additional layered cards. They are offered in three categories including Cut Stocks, Silhouettes and Frames. Cut Stocks are available in modular rectangle or square shapes, Silhouettes are available in Circle, Vintage, Emerald, Bracket and Marquee shapes and Frames are available with Crest, Deco and Classic cutout windows. Find the perfect layered card(s) to convey your message.

Envelopes & Liners

Envelopes and Liners are the first elements seen by recipients and the first step to making a great first impression. Think outside the envelope and print outgoing addresses, return addresses, monograms and graphic motifs onto Envelopes and Liners. Envelopes are available in seven Signature Paper sizes. Liners are designed to coordinate with Signature Paper Envelopes.

Additional products include Favor Containers. Favor Containers are available in seven distinctive shapes, shipped flat and are easily assembled with interlocking tabs.